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This is an example Artist Album/Single Release page. THIS PAGE WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE TO MUSIC INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS (editors, writers, agents, TV executives, publicists, promotion companies, music supervisors, radio stations...). Full project upload including: Album description, liner notes, credits, lyrics, picture gallery, bio, radio downloads and more... (see working tabs below)

Release Date: March 20, 2014

Description of Album or Single Release project.

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More information posted here related to music release.

Music Release Liner/Album notes. Information found in booklets which come inserted into the  CD or the equivalent packaging. 
Title of song, writer(s), publishing company(s), producer and production company(s), Recorded by (engineer, recording studio), instrumentation credits, other credits.
All song lyrics (if available).
Album picture gallery.

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A detailed description or account of Artist. Unlike the Music Release description, the biography presents your life story, highlighting various aspects of your life and/or musical experience. If available.
Downloads to RADIO STATIONS ONLY are available. This service is available in the Pro Membership Gold service.  
This is other information that may be important for your New Music Release Showcase.